Elemental composition signatures


To look for signature spectral features of particular elemental abundances (Elementhäufigkeit) in cool stars, our lab relies on a few PHOENIX grids with selected elements varied from subsolar to supersolar one-at-a-time. The grids extend over multiple effective temperatures, as spectral signatures may strongly depend on the spectral class. The accuracy of this analysis is powered by the extensive opacity databases and detailed chemistry treatment built-in PHOENIX.

This pages serves as a web interface of a minimal MatPlotLib-based plotting routine that can be used to quickly render the spectra from the aforementioned PHOENIX grids in your browser and compare them against one another. While the interface is incredibly basic in its current state, the developer will appreciate any suggestions to add more features. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

To get started, choose one of the grids from the dropdown below and hit "Proceed"!